Tentang Saya

Polly Mary Cockle is a 20-year-old local activist who enjoys vandalising bus stops, tree shaping and binge-watching boxed sets. She is smart and creative, but can also be very unfriendly and a bit unkind.

She is a Swedish Jedi who defines herself as straight. She didn’t finish school. She is allergic to soy.

Physically, Polly is slightly overweight but otherwise in good shape. She is short with cocao skin, grey hair and green eyes.

She grew up in a working class neighbourhood. She was raised by her mother, her father having left when she was young.

She is currently single. Her most recent romance was with a junior manager called Sebastian Gabriel Edwards, who was the same age as her. They broke up because Sebastian didn’t feel respected.

Polly’s best friend is a local activist called Christina Long. They get on well most of the time. She also hangs around with Victor Morgan and Constance Walker. They enjoy badminton together.

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